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Pro Trek V.3 Triple Sensor Engine

The new triple sensor has Improved accuracy, is 95% slimmer, and uses 90% less power. Three high-sensitivity miniaturized sensors take accurate measurements of constantly changing natural phenomena, and display directions, differences in altitude, and atmospheric pressure tendencies in both digital and analog formats as well as temperatures in digital format.

Auto Light

You'll always be able to read your PRO TREK display... even in total darkness. Two high intensity light emitting diodes (LED's) make the face of the PRO TREK exceptionally bright. The watch also includes an auto light. So when you tilt the Pathfinder toward your face, the LEDs automatically light up for night time viewing.

Quick Facts

Auto light is disabled when any of the following conditions exist;

  • While an alarm is sounding.
  • While a bearing sensor calibration operation is being performed in the digital compass mode.
  • Receive operation is in progress.