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Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson, is a Pro Kayaker. He has been kayaking for over 17 years. At the age of 2 Dane ran his first river in his own kayak and on a first Class 4 rapid. Since then, he always wanted to be a kayaker. For the past 8 years Dane has kayaked 300 days out of the year. Dane has been fortunate enough to travel the entire world and see amazing places with his father Four-time Olympic Kayaker Eric Jackson. Travelling to places such as North America, Africa, and Europe to countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland just to name a few. Dane has competed since he learned how to roll, but the last few years have been the highlight in his competing career.

In 2009 Dane placed 2nd in the Junior World Championships in Switzerland. He won every Junior event after that for the next 2 years. Dane’s biggest accomplishment at the 2011 World Championships was receiving 2 gold medals in Squirt Mens and C1 Mens. Additionally, at the 2011 Grand Prix in Canada Dane won a 6 Stage event beating out 25 of the world’s best athletes. Graduating from the Junior Class and now competing in the Pro Mens Class, Dane has been holding his own with 4 wins and 7 additional podiums. This year Dane came in 2nd in the World Cup in the Southeast which is the 2nd biggest event in the world. Another highlight of this season was being able to surprise everyone at the Creek Races in Colorado by placing. At this event Dane placed 2nd in two races including the Steep Creek Championship for the Teva Mountain Games beating out the World Champion in Creek Racing. Dane also came in 2nd in Mens at the Green Race this Fall both Dane and the winner broke the previous record held.

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