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Backpacker and ProTrek set out into the wilderness with renowned nature photographer Erik Stensland.Take a closer look at the passionat photographer who loves to find the most hidden and isolated locations in Rocky Mountain National Park to perfect his craft. He sets off during the night, alone into the mountains, to be at just the right spot when the first light of day hits the peaks.

Erik’s gear is an essential partner in the pursuit of his art. The ProTrek 3500’s benefits are a perfect match to Erik’s needs in the backcountry. Knowing his current elevation is essential as he hikes toward his destination often in the dark. Mountain weather patterns vary greatly and gauging barometric pressure helps to predict safe weather conditions. The ProTrek 3500 is also low temperature resistant (-20°C/-4°F). Most importantly, easy access to the sunrise and sunset times for a specific location guarantee that Erik is set up to capture the ideal shot—typically occurring within 15 minutes of sunrise or sunset.

The feature Erik uses most?
"The barometer. For dramatic photos I am generally looking for changing weather conditions. We have a saying in the landscape world that bad weather is good weather. I rely on this feature while I'm out in the mountains for days at a time, hoping for bad weather."

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