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Pro Trek V.3 Triple Sensor Engine

The new triple sensor has Improved accuracy, is 95% slimmer, and uses 90% less power. Three high-sensitivity miniaturized sensors take accurate measurements of constantly changing natural phenomena, and display directions, differences in altitude, and atmospheric pressure tendencies in both digital and analog formats as well as temperatures in digital format.

Tough Solar

You don't have to worry about changing your battery again with PRO TREK's solar technology. The battery is automatically charged by light, either direct from the sun or from light sources inside. Watches with this feature have a solar cell and a special rechargable battery (secondary battery) that is charged by the electrical power produced by the solar cell.

Quick Facts

  • After a full charge, timekeeping remains enabled for up to 11 months.
  • Storing the watch for long periods in an area where there is no light can cause the rechargable battery to run down. When stored in a dark place, the power saving function will enter a sleep mode to conserve power and energy.

Powered by light (Tough Solar)  

Pro Trek Tough Solar Graph

This proprietary CASIO solar-powered battery-recharging system assures stable operation of various power-hungry functions, including dial lighting, alarms, stopwatches and measurement functions.