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Pro Trek V.3 Triple Sensor Engine

The new triple sensor has Improved accuracy, is 95% slimmer, and uses 90% less power. Three high-sensitivity miniaturized sensors take accurate measurements of constantly changing natural phenomena, and display directions, differences in altitude, and atmospheric pressure tendencies in both digital and analog formats as well as temperatures in digital format.


A built-in thermometer displays and checks the temperature every 5 minutes. The display can be converted from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Temperature ranges are from -10 to 60 degrees C (14 to 140 Degrees F).

Quick Facts

  • Temperature measurements are affected by your body temperature (while you are wearing the watch), direct sunlight, and moisture.
  • To achieve a more accurate temperature measurement, remove the watch from your wrist, place it in a well ventilated location of of direct sunlight, and wipe all moisture from the case.


Pro Trek Thermometer Graph

Predicting your destination temperature based on the temperature
at your current location

The temperature generally decreases by approximately 6.5°C with every increase in altitude of 1,000 meters, or 3.6°F with every increase of 1,000 feet. If the temperature at 1,000 meters is 10°C, therefore, the temperature at 3,000 meters will probably be about -3°C.