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Bugs that are safe to chomp on

  • Jun 10, 2014

While the thought of chomping on creepy crawlers for sustenance may not seem appealing, adventurers can rest easy knowing that they can rely on these common bugs for protein in a pinch. While going on an adventurous pursuit, seasoned outdoorsmen recognize the inherent danger associated with their journeys. Food packs can be lost if you miss a step while climbing, tip your kayak in the water or encounter a ravenous wild animal outside.

Your watch compass can help you find your way if you get lost, but if you find yourself in dire need of food, these creatures are safe to crunch on: 

If you've set up camp in an area with plenty of trees and greens, start searching for caterpillars, as according to Adventure Journal, these bugs are not only packed with more protein than beef, but they're also quite tasty when cooked right. Feel free to fry, boil or grill these bad boys.

In some parts of the world, crickets are as common at the dinner table as plates and forks. While some countries serve these noisy creatures covered in chocolate or encompassed in a more flavorful dish, they are perfectly safe to eat raw in the wild.

You may have to work a bit to catch these aerial insects, but if you manage to accrue a collection of dragonflies, they're a pretty flavorful snack. Frying or boiling them first may make for a more distinct crunch, but if you're camping near water, you should have no problem finding enough for a good meal.

If you've been fishing, you may already be porting along some of these squirmy creatures - though we recommend digging for fresh ones if you're going to feast yourself. While they can also be a good source of protein, it's important to cook these creatures before consuming, as they can carry parasites. 

When camping, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise. What do you do when you are in dire need of food? What can you technically eat that's not harmful to the body? Creatures such as caterpillars, crickets, dragonflies, and earthworms are just a few of the things that can help suppress your appetite. However, this can be learned at home. The real task is knowing where to find these creatures and maneuvering around the campsite. That is why the PRW5050BN-5 is the perfect watch for a camping adventure! Not only does it have the perfect look for camping, but the compass will lead you in the direction you are trying to head towards in your quest for food. Let the PRW5050BN-5 lead you in the right direction today!