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Canoe basics for the new paddler

  • Jun 30, 2014

Canoeing can be an amazing pastime in the summer, especially if you manage to find a nice, quiet river to explore. The sound of the breeze through the forest's leaves is just enough to lull you into a pleasant weekend of relaxation, with just you and the open water ahead of you. If you don't know the basics, however, something as simple as forgetting an extra set of paddles can be enough to wreck your whole canoe trip. 

Take a look at the following list of tips that should help make every trip into the river a solid one: 

Know how to navigate
It isn't always easy to find your way down a river. It might sound straightforward enough, but there's a lot more to the riverbed that might not be intuitive. Every body of water is different, after all, and they all have different quirks. According to Buzzle, simple navigation techniques should help. Gadgets, such as a watch compass, will help you keep track of where you're going. You should also consider scouting out the river ahead of time, just in case there are any obstacles lurking beneath the surface of the water that you can't see. 

Pick good weather
The seasons have a very real effect on the ebb and flow of a river. Depending on the region, winter waters might be choppier and harder to maneuver around in, whereas some summer nights might be prone to storms. For this reason, you should try to become intimately aware of an area before heading out. Low-lying areas, such as valleys and canyons, could have radically different currents than rivers flowing at sea level. It would also behoove you to pay attention to weather patterns leading up to the trip. If a storm is looming, you might be better off waiting it out. 

Canoeing is a great hobby when the weather is nice. The best days tend to come from canoeing on quiet rivers while admiring the scenery. However, you have to know how to navigate around the rivers. The ProTrek, PRW5100-1 has a built-in digital compass allowing you to clearly glance at your watch and know where to navigate through the rivers without any confusion. Allow the PRW5100-1 to guide you through the river!