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Creature comforts in the wild

  • Jun 19, 2014

Enjoying the great outdoors doesn't have to mean a sacrifice of all the things you hold dear in life. What is coffee but a cup of boiled beans, after all? Rather than letting yourself slip into a lifestyle that would make the cast of Duck Dynasty proud, consider the following ways that you can still commune with nature without roughing it too much. 

Keep your buzz
It's easy enough to go without stimulants, such as coffee or tea, but why would you when it's as simple as setting up prepacked - and safe - baggies made out of things you already have in your kitchen? Take a basic coffee filter and fill it with grounds from your drink of choice. Then make a pouch out of the remaining material, cinching the top closed with a strand of dental floss. When you're ready for a cup of java, simply steep the baggy in hot water until you've achieved the desired strength. It probably won't have the same taste and texture as a drip machine, but it'll do the trick when you're sitting in your tent. 

Stay cleanly
Washing your hands in a river or a stream, no matter how clean it looks, isn't a great idea unless you know how pure the water source is. You could inadvertently ingest invisible contaminants, which will wreak havoc on your health. Take a large, empty detergent bottle - one that has a spigot for easy pouring - and rinse it out thoroughly. Fill it with water. Try to find a non-toxic soap to use when you wash your hands, so you aren't accidentally poisoning the environment. On especially hot days, your watch thermometer will be able to tell you if the water will reach a pleasant enough temperature for hand washing. 

The outdoors is the perfect getaway from reality, and a great way to simply get your mind off everything, or even bond with friends. Just because you will be in the outdoors does not mean you have to sacrifice everything. Our ProTrek watches ensure you that you have a great time while keeping you on top of what you need to do. The PAW5000-1 allows you to enjoy your outdoor trip without giving anything up.

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