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How does a 2,600-mile hike change you?

  • Apr 3, 2015

There are thousands of travelers that plan extremely long trips for one reason or another. Believe it or not, there are bikers that have journeyed from the southern tip of South Africa to the streets of London. There are rowers that have paddled from the coast of California all the way to the islands of Hawaii. There are even those who forego all the travel devices and hike for thousands of miles on their own two feet.

A hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail who traveled roughly 2,600 miles by foot - the distance from Mexico to Canada - is one of those recent adventurers. 

Watch a man hike 2,600 miles in just under 5 minutes
Most long-term adventures can only be discussed through written stories or spoken accounts. Even if told with passion and clarity, there's something lost to the listener. Nothing can recreate the scenery viewed on the journey or the thrill experienced by the traveler. 

For perhaps the first time, however, one hiker found a new way to tell his story. He gave viewers the breakdown mile-by-mile without writing a novel in the process. He took a selfie for every mile marker he passed from Mexico to Canada and spliced the images together to create one cohesive video.

His beard grows, the arid deserts of Mexico slowly shift into the pine-filled forests of Canada, and without ever speaking a word, you can sense something profoundly moving about the whole experience. It's just one way a new storyteller is capturing the essence of an adventure and telling his story to the world. At the very least, it's pretty innovative and insightful.

How will the journey change you?
No two adventures are the same. There's no telling how your next trip into the wilderness will change you - even if you choose to recreate the same trip through the Pacific Crest Trail or row to an island or bike across a continent. In that same way, there's no predicting what could happen either, and preparation is the most important part of building a positive experience on your trip.

During a long quest, your ability to conquer the elements is ultimately measured by the tools you bring and the knowledge you have. Whereas you may rely on a smartphone - perhaps to take selfies - you can count on needing a solar powered watch with a compass for navigation. 

While you have a whole wardrobe at your disposal at home, only what you carry on your back can come on a long trip. That means packing for rain, shine, frigid temperatures and blistering heat in the most efficient and space-saving manner possible. 

Even before the trip takes place, the expert adventurer meticulously maps out his route, studies possible dangers and prepares for any and all scenarios. That's how you make whatever change you come across down the road into a beneficial one. 

The hike will change you, but Protrek's PRG270-4A watch will change the hike. With it's solar powered features including a compass and altimeter, you'll never be in harms way, and you'll be able to enjoy your hike that much more.