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Kayak safety tips for treacherous waters

  • Jun 19, 2014

When kayaking down a fast current or in a body of water prone to frequent geographical changes, adventurers should be prepared for finding their footing in the case of a flipped kayak. This is unlikely to occur if you're traveling in tepid waters, but it's better to stay on the safe side and keep these things in mind before your next water pursuit. 

Making a wet exit
This technique is important for all kayakers to know, as it is one of the best methods for escaping a capsized boat. If you've tipped over in treacherous waters - or your boat is in the process of flipping - the most important thing to do is protect your head. Tuck it as close to your body as you can, which may not only save your cranium from whatever animals or items lie beneath the surface, but also make your underwater escape easier. From there, get your bottom out of the boat first, as it will help propel the rest of your body forward. Next, keep you legs stiff as you pull them from the kayak.

Equip your boat with the right accessories
One way to ensure you're prepared for an unfortunate flip is by packing your kayak with necessary materials that may aide your escape. A personal flotation device is a must-have for deep, rapid waters, but other items may be equally beneficial. Installing float bags, for example, may ensure your boat will stay on top of the water if you get separated after a flip - this way, once you've reached safer circumstances, you may be able to spot your kayak down the river. Additionally, basic survival gear should be carried on your body at all times, as they can be lifesavers in a pinch. Be sure to port a small pocket knife and watch compass, both of which are integral for surviving if separated from your gear.

Kayaking is a very intense and demanding activity. When done correctly, it can become the workout of your life, and is exhilarating to see different places. However, when done incorrectly, you may find yourself in a world of trouble and danger. Therefore it is crucial that you do some research at home and go on some test runs with someone else before stepping foot into a kayak by yourself. The ProTrek watch line allows you to navigate your way around the waters with their built-in compass. The PRG260-1 has all the features you need to avoid disaster and come across the joys of the outdoors. The PRG260-1 makes your outdoor experience an exciting one to say the least, so grab one today!