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Natural remedies for insect stings

  • Oct 2, 2014

Few things can put a damper on your adventurous outdoor pursuit more than an insect sting. Whether you've stepped on a bee, placed your hand on a wasp or stepped in an ant hill, these creepy crawlies can bite, sting and scratch - all three of which can irritate both your skin and your attitude.

While you likely won't have access to a well-stocked first-aid kit while you're hiking through the wilderness, there are a few natural remedies that may alleviate the pain associated with stings. As you're packing your materials, you'll need to remember the essentials - like your watch compass and your water bottle - but there are a few unconventional items that may be crucial for pain relief following an unfortunate encounter with an irate insect.

Before you embark on your next adventure, be sure to keep the following concoctions in the back of your mind.

Versatile vegetables
Your mother always stressed the importance of putting vegetables inside your body, but it's doubtful she knew that certain foods had pain-fighting capabilities ideal for alleviating insect stings. Garlic may be commonly associated with warding off vampires, but according to NatureSkills, the tasty veggie can drastically reduce pain associated with insects as well. The source recommended crushing one clove of garlic and pressing the juices on the afflicted area. Onions are equally effective and, if you've forgotten to pack some cloves of garlic, this vegetable may be more prevalent outdoors. Cut the onion in half - or, if you've pulled a green onion from the ground, crack it in half and rub the juices in the wound. 

Homemade paste
If you anticipate unwarranted run-ins with insects, it may be worth it to prepare one of these pastes at home before your journey. The Gazette Times reported that baking soda has long been associated with pain relief, but to get the full effects, you'll need to create your own concoction. Combine the powder with a bit of water and apply the mixture to the area. 

Getting those greens
Thankfully, there are certain plants prevalent in the outdoors that can provide equal pain-fighting properties as professional treatments. NatureSkills reported that one common weed - plantain - has historically been one of the most widely used and fastest working remedies. This plant features large green leaves that appear shiny, as if they've been waxed. After identifying and plucking leaves, use your teeth to expose the juices and rub them on the sting or bite. The source noted that the pain should go away in just five minutes.

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