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Nighttime fishing for all

  • Jun 4, 2014

Fishing at night is a skill as much as it is a pastime. Before you take your boat out into the middle of a placid lake, make sure that you're equipped to handle what you'll encounter. The risk factor is, of course, much higher when you're surrounded by water, but when you compound that with a lack of light, things can dicey pretty fast. Fortunately, Bass Resource has a few tips for getting you through your first fishing night with aplomb. 

Know when to head out
There's a difference between early morning night fishing, just before dawn, and that quiet time right before twilight. According to the source, right after the sun sets is typically the best, as the waters will still be warm. Fish like to swim to the surface when the water is at around 60 degrees or warmer, and the period of time just after sunset fits the bill perfectly. Keep checking your watch thermometer, because when the air temperature starts to dip rapidly, it might be time to call it a night.

The gear you'll need
The source also noted that heavier tackle is easier to feel during the night. As your visibility will be compromised, it'll be a lot harder to sense where a lightweight lure is at night, so it's better to go with something that has a little more give. Plastic worms, rubber jigs, poppers and wobblers are all examples of good nighttime lures to bring along with you for their extra weight.

What about light?
If you absolutely need to bring along a light to feel comfortable, or if the natural light from the stars and the moon isn't enough, try a black light or some other kind of neon illumination. This will make it easier to see the rod, reel and thin fishing lines. Some anglers, however, believe any light can scare their game away, so it's up to your discretion whether you risk it. 

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