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Sleep under the stars while hiking

  • Nov 15, 2017

A hiking trip may necessitate an overnight stay. Some people want to treat themselves to a local bed and breakfast after a long day of hiking, to relax, feel cared for and sleep in a comfortable bed. Others plan multi-day hikes and choose to camp outside. Still others find campsites, pitch tents and spend a few days outdoors.

But what about just sleeping under the stars. What about finding a comfortable spot, checking the temperature on your PRG600Y-1 and enjoying the night air? Well, it's possible. And some hikers opt to do it.

It removes a barrier
A recent article outlined a seasoned hiker's experience encouraging kids to sleep outside while on an expedition. The author described the feeling of being truly out in nature, and how comfortable it can be. It took the group of which he was in charge the whole expedition to feel secure enough with the wildlife and insects to sleep outside and enjoy the experience. And the takeaway? Sleeping outside is not for the squeamish. It can be safe if hikers choose a pre-determined camping area, and it can enhance the outdoors experience. There may not be spiders scuttling around, and after a long day of hiking you will feel tired and so refreshed that you might not even care if there were.

It may require more layers
Without the shield of a tent, you will be out in the open, quite literally. As most places tend to cool off somewhat at night, it can be a good idea to bring layers to put on or take off so you can sleep well. Cooler Lifestyle suggested that outdoor campers bring a waterproof jacket at the very least, and more layers and a thick sleeping bag at the most.

It can necessitate a sleeping mat
Whether you sleep outside without covers or bring your tent, a mat is essential to provide that little bit of extra comfort. The Travel Belles blog suggested that you consider what you can and cannot handle in terms of sleeping. Those used to harder surfaces can just bring a sleeping mat. It will take out the lumps and bumps at the very least; nobody really wants to lie on the ground with nothing in between besides a sleeping bag. Hikers who require their beds may want to invest in an air mattress. You'll be a little elevated from the ground and more cushioned. The source also noted that being off the ground will keep you warmer.

If you feel the need to pitch a tent, do not worry. There are perks to being entirely outdoors, but having a tent over you can feel more home-like to other hikers. At least once, stay up a little later in the evening post-hike to smell the cool, calm air, check out the stars and maybe hear an owl or two.

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