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Strength training is crucial in rock climbing

  • Jun 2, 2014

Have you developed an interest in rock climbing? At its core, this sport is designed to make you one with yourself - it's just you and the cliffside, and a personal journey toward achieving the goals you set for yourself. Do you want to climb higher? Faster? Master a more challenging obstacle? Before you get carried away entertaining these goals, make sure you're continuing to develop your skills in an effort to optimize safety while you're climbing.

Take a look a these tips for maximizing the quality of your climb from Indoor Rock Climbing: 

Develop the right muscles
The one thing that all rock climbers share, whether you're scaling a mountain or are practicing indoors, is the love of a good workout. You're stretching your limits each time you decide to strap on that harness, and no matter which strategies you're using, strength will be a core feature of each climb. Make sure that you're focusing on the right muscles when you're at the gym. While sculpting your biceps might make your physique stand out more, your core muscles, such as your pectorals and abdominal muscles, are just as important in rock climbing. 

Save your strength
As you're scaling a wall, you'll notice that your muscles begin to fatigue quickly in certain situations. When you're reaching for the next hold, for instance, make sure you're using your whole body to steady yourself and not just your forearms. This could be a good exercise for you to try: bring along a watch altimeter and determine at which altitudes your body begins to wear out while you're climbing a familiar course. The results of this test could help you adjust how you're approaching the next climb, simply by knowing when you're at your weakest.

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