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The safest and best animals to eat in a survival situation

  • Apr 25, 2016

When hiking or camping, maintaining a safe and respectful distance from wildlife is important, but if things go south and an outdoor excursion turns into a survival situation, those very same critters may become a part of the dinner menu. Getting lost with a Pro Trek watch compass is difficult, but for anyone who finds themselves facing a life or death scenario out in the bush, here are some of the most abundant, safest and easiest prey animals around.

When people envision outdoor survival, they may expect to be catching game animals by the bunches and enjoying a full belly of fresh meat. In reality, however, survival situations can be confusing or desperate, and finding the tools and presence of mind necessary to reign in real meat may be extremely difficult. 

Wilderness Survival reported that insects and crustaceans are some of the most plentiful sources or protein in most cases. While the idea of munching on a creepy crawly like a grasshopper or worm is less than appetizing, bugs can be full of essential nutrients and found relatively easily. They can be cooked or consumed raw, with minimal preparation.

For lucky survivalists, fresh water shrimp and other crustaceans may be available. These too can be gathered relatively easily and may be a more familiar or tasty meal. 

A little higher up in the survival food hierarchy, freshwater fish may be caught with a number of different techniques. Unlike some saltwater species, no fish found in lakes, rivers or wetlands are poisonous, although catfish and other species may protect themselves with harmful spines. According to the source, fish are excellent sources of protein and fat, which can be essential for sustaining yourself.

Rabbits and other critters
For seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, it may be possible to trap squirrels or rabbits, representing a substantial meal. Outdoor Life reported that many of the forest's most familiar creatures, such as quail, dove or even raccoons are loaded with calories. It is important to cook these animals fully and be very careful about what parts of the animal are consumed. Some may carry parasites or other hazards that can be dangerous to human health.

To capture these prey animals, traps like simple nooses or pits may be more effective than hunting with a spear or throwing stick. Look for tracks and other signs of animal activities and find active trails in the understory. This will be the best place to set a trap or be ready to make a kill.

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