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A few wilderness tips

  • Jun 27, 2014

If you're stoked to get back out into the wilderness, where the only luxuries available to you are what you might have brought with you on your back, you're in luck. With the weather finally warming up, there's no limit to the kinds of outdoor adventures in store for thrill-seekers of all ages. Before you throw on a backpack and grab your solar powered watch, however, make sure you're adequately prepared. Even the strongest veterans of this pastime could use a refresher course in the following wilderness survival skills:

Don't take shelter for granted

In the wilderness, there aren't any doors to lock or windows to shutter. Especially if you're alone, you have to rely on yourself to make do with the materials you have around you. Are you bringing a tent? That's fine - just make sure it's durable enough to withstand unexpected downpours and whipping winds. Survival Cache noted that staying dry is one of the first rules of wilderness travel, and that definitely includes where you're sleeping.

Know where good water runs clean

The source also noted that having a water supply nearby is crucial. It doesn't have to be next to your campsite or even within viewing distance, but make sure you can find it when you need a refill. You should also know how to purify water. Even though you can't see them, some rivers and streams are carrying microorganisms that can cause all manner of dehydrating maladies, but you can't just forego water altogether. Whether you're boiling it or dropping in chemical tablets, make absolutely sure that your water supply is clean and pure before you drink it. Otherwise, you're in for a long, hard road back to civilization.

The PRG270-7 is a great men's outdoor watch that can keep you on the trail with its compass and let you know how high you have climbed with the altimeter. Not to mention the barometer that lets you know about changes in the weather. These tools will help make your trip that much more simple and enjoyable.