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Hiking the American prairie

  • Nov 2, 2016

The great American grassland is one of earth's most expansive and impressive wildernesses. For hundreds of miles, rolling hills give way to lush, verdant fields and meadows that at one time supported the largest mass of animals on earth. As the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services reported, tens of million of bison once roamed the prairie before the spread of American settlers.

Bison populations are rebounding, and the prairie is home to a number of other curious flora and fauna. Likewise, visitors the American grasslands can enjoy biking, fishing, hiking and many other outdoor adventures.

Untamed beauty
Like a sea of green, the prairie is unlike other wilderness areas. Trees are scarce, as are mountains and valleys, and as a result, there is an endless stretch of serenity and calm. That is until a characteristic thunderstorm rolls past. Use your Pro Trek PRG600YB-3 to keep an eye on powerful weather events, because without forests or peaks in their way, prairie storms can be quite fierce.

Outside of strong storms, the prairie can be home to meadows of wild flowers, endless beds of grass and many plants and animals. Big blue skies give way to unbelievable star-gazing, and the rhythm of such an open space is  unlike other green spaces. Stretching from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains East across the Mississippi and into the Midwest, the American prairie is one of the continent's most spectacular institutions.

Land snorkeling
The American Prairie Reserve stated that the expansiveness of the grassland lends itself to unique opportunities for exploration. Unlike following a trail or path, some adventurers may opt for what Clyde Aspevig called "land snorkeling." This involves wandering through the natural landscape without a specific goal or destination, taking advantage of the open spaces and freedom offered by this special environment. 

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