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Taking your adventures to new heights

  • Jun 27, 2014

Have you been limiting your hiking adventures to the easier end of the spectrum and feel ready to take on some new challenges? There comes a time when the local trails and foothills lose their allure and towering mountain peaks seem to call your name. If you think you're prepared to push yourself to the limit and earn your stripes as a true patron of the outdoors, it might be time to overhaul your hiking gear, as well as your attitude. It's going to be a tough road ahead.

Before you go all out and risk getting overwhelmed by the forces of nature, you'll need to make an honest assessment of your abilities and get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Do you perform better on trips with long, gradually inclined trails that last for miles on end? Are you more of a mountain goat who can scale any rocky terrain and get to the top without a scratch? Run down the list of your experiences and try to match your first hardcore trip with where you've thrived in the past.

While much of this transition to the next level of hiking glory is mental and physical, you will also have to rely more heavily on your arsenal of gear if you want to be fully prepared for the challenges that you'll surely face along the way. Toss that ragged backpack aside and invest in a well-made overnight bag that will last you years. Also, feel free to leave those running shoes in the closet - you're going to need some good, old-fashioned hiking boots for your next journey. Grab a watch with atomic timekeeping and you'll be ready for anything.

Make the sky the limit with your PRW3000-2! It is your ideal watch for when breaking new heights with it's infinite amount of great features such as a digital compass and temperature readings. This watch allows you to keep important information at your fingertips! One of the most interesting features is the Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, and the fact it is 100-meter water resistance. The PRW3000-2 is meant to be right at your side while you continue to break your hiking limits!