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3 animals you can eat in the wild

  • Sep 29, 2014

Whether you're stranded in the woods without food or you're going on a true outdoor journey to test your survival skills, you may be searching for the best game to prepare at your campsite. Some animals are more nutritious than others, but there are a variety of meats you can enjoy while spending time in the outdoors.

The means by which you prepare these foods are important to their quality and your safety, as meat that has been improperly cooked can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can wreak havoc on one's health. Consider the following three animals that are safe to eat outdoors, as well as the methods that may lead to the healthiest and tastiest meals.

1. Frogs
According to outdoor expert Bear Grylls, frogs are an excellent choice when backpacking through a jungle. The creatures are replete with protein and, unless you're venturing to a more exotic location overseas, they are not poisonous. To cook a frog, Grylls recommends that you first remove its skin and organs to ensure bacteria has been expunged. You can either fashion a small pot from bamboo stalks to boil the frog, or you can place it on the end of a stick to grill it over your camp fire. Either way, ensure your frog is cooked thoroughly before noshing.

2. Squirrels
Although squirrels are edible and can oftentimes offer a delicious dinner option, the National Wildlife-Human Connection reported that some squirrels in the wild may be home to certain parasites that can be harmful to the human body. After catching your prey, it's essential to check its body for the signs that indicate that it may be hosting mites. The organization noted that major hair loss, as well as unusually thickened skin, are indicators of this parasite. If your squirrel does not exhibit these symptoms, it's meat can be roasted or grilled similar to the frog's.

3. Rabbits
You'll need your watch compass to catch these quick critters, as rabbits can dart off in any direction when in pursuit. Once you've trapped one, however, it's smooth sailing. The NWHC noted that rabbits are not known to host any harmful parasites, so hunters can feel free to enjoy their meat any way they please. Much like frogs, rabbit meat should first be separated then prepared over a fire. Ensure your meat is thoroughly cooked before enjoying under the moonlight.

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