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6 smartphone apps every outdoor enthusiast should download

  • Feb 8, 2016

Sometimes heading out into nature is a  nice way to get away from it all, including all of the technology that surrounds us. Still, your smartphone can be a powerful tool for all sorts of outdoor adventures. It can be used to plan a trip, to learn more on the trail or even be employed as a helpful survival tool if necessary. When paired with your Pro Trek Triple Sensor watch, these apps make hiking and camping much more dynamic.

Here are five of the most interesting smartphone apps available for your next outdoor excursion.

1. AllTrails
Instead of fumbling with paper maps or making sense of old, faded signs, the app AllTrails helps users visualized hiking and biking trails. This makes planning a trip in advance much more simple.

Tom's Guide stated that the app features over 50,000 different trails that can be searched by location, type or difficulty. Often these come with useful pictures. Likewise, users can track their own progress as well as save the trail for offline use.

2. Audubon Bird Guide App
The Audubon Society has for decades been the premier choice for all things bird watching, and according to the organization's website, its new bird watching app is great for identifying feathered friends while out in the woods.

The app features over 820 different species that are cataloged using photos, range maps and audio recordings. Other information such as preferred environments and nesting habits make it easier than ever to identify different species on the trail. By searching by family, shape or other specifications, users can learn about birds without thumbing through dense paper guides, and there are even tools for reporting interesting sightings.

3. Ramblr
This app is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time out on the trail because it is great for documenting trips and journaling. According to Google Play, Ramblr is perfect for tracking routes, recording videos and calculating things like walking speed and distance traveled.

There are also tools for audio recordings that allow for in-depth coverage of a specific trail or hiking trip. These can be stored for later use, shared with family and friends or uploaded to help other Ramblr users in search of a new trek.

4. Star Walk
Because your smart phone comes with location specific services, it can be incredibly powerful for taking in the night sky. Tom's Guide reported that Star Walk is one of the best tools for charting the different stars and planets.

The app superimposes labels and information regarding constellations and other celestial bodies, which is a way to learn more about outer space. These are updated in real time as the sky shifts overhead, and even stars that are only viewable on the other side of the earth can be displayed. It is a wonderful app for camping or can be used in the city to illuminate an otherwise crowded sky.

5. Cures A-Z
While it is always advisable to seek medical treatment in case of any emergency when out in nature, Cures A-Z can be an incredibly valuable tool. Apple reported that the app was designed by doctors and has a catalog of hundreds of the most common ailments and conditions from around the world.

There are natural remedies alongside medical prescriptions and best practices. There are also helpful precautions and other information that may be important when administering first aid. If a friend or loved one becomes sick or injured out on the trail, the app may be instrumental in administering the right care.

Cures A-Z also offers health and lifestyle tips, newsletters and other important information outside of treatment advice.

With your smartphone and the ProTrek PRG300-1A2 your outdoor excursions will be fun, safe and without fear of anything knocking you off your path. Offering a compass, sunrise/sunset data, 100-meter water resistance, and solar power technology, the ProTrek PRG300-1A2 will never run out of battery when you need it the most!