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8 emergency items to keep in your car during a road trip

  • Dec 6, 2016

Hitting the road for a camping or hiking trip is a great way to have an intimate experience with nature, and often the most secluded spots on the map require at least a few hours of driving. Windy roads and the possibility of icy conditions or a treacherous downpour can leave some folks stranded and facing an unforeseen survival situation. Breakdowns, accidents and other events can turn a fun weekend outing into a very serious problem. Having a few essential items accessible in your car could make all the difference. Here are the most important things to keep close by:

1. First aid kit
As Bankrate pointed out, you should never head out on an extended road trip without a good first aid kit. If you get into a collision, bandages and other items will be extremely useful, and in an extended survival scenario, having baseline medical supplies can keep you safe from infections and other issues.

2. Space blanket or sleeping bag
If you run out of gas or blow a tire in the middle of the night, you could be stranded until morning. This is especially true when traveling in areas with limited cell phone reception. Even in warmer climates, a space blanket or sleeping bag can protect you from chills or hypothermia while you sleep. 

3. Multi-tool
When it comes to outdoor survival, a good multi-tool can make all the difference. These may be equipped with hand saws, knives and other features that give you more options, especially if you end up off the road and battling the elements. Your Triple Sensor PRO TREK PRW3510Y-1with compass can help you find your way back, and a multi-tool will give you a leg up on survival.

4. Fire starter
Even with a warm sleeping bag or jacket, the ability to build a fire is perhaps the most useful item in an emergency kit. Lighters and matches can be used for a finite amount of time, while flints and other tools last forever. The odds of you facing a perilous situation are slim, but storing a fire starter along with your other survival equipment is a wise investment.

5. Bright jacket
On dark country roads, it's important to be visible. This is true when trying to change a tire or when trying to flag down a rescue party. Tuck a high-visibility jacket or vest in with your other supplies and be sure to put it on before getting out of your car.

6. Water and food
Even if you spend just one night on the side of the road, having basic food items and access to potable water can go a long way. In longer survival scenarios, these can become extremely important. Getting your bearings and finding wild food and clean water could take days, and running low on energy can undermine your ability to think clearly and set yourself up for success.Professor of biology at George Washington University told Scientific American that humans can only go a day or two without water at most.

7. Duct tape
You may be faced with all sorts of difficult problems when dealing with a break-down or accident, and duct tape can be useful in patching things up in a pinch. Even in a real survival situation, you'll be happy you packed a roll in your bag.

8. Flashlight
Depending on the conditions, it can be extremely challenging to accurately assess the problems you are facing. A flashlight - especially one that doesn't rely on batteries - can be used to learn more about your car troubles and assess your surroundings. Like a high-visibility jacket, this can also be used to flag down help.