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8 things to bring on your next hiking trip

  • Aug 16, 2016

Aside from a tent and the right clothing, there are a number of things seasoned outdoor enthusiasts bring on a camping trip to make everything go smoothly and more enjoyable. Some of these are essential for preparing for inclement weather or conditions, while others will simply help you unwind and relax. Ahead of your next great adventure, consider bringing along these helpful items:

1. Rope
As Reserve America pointed out, there are dozens of reasons rope can be so handy when spending time outdoors. Between setting up a campsite or possibly dealing with an emergency situation, having rope handy can make all the difference in the world. You may also use it to secure food for the night if you're camping in bear country. Be sure to bring a few lengths of rope during your next trip.

2. Hand-crank flashlight
Instead of fumbling with batteries or tip-toeing your way to use the restroom at night, invest in a small hand-crank flashlight. These are relatively inexpensive and use kinetic energy to power an otherwise standard flashlight. These are both incredibly useful and also environmentally friendly.

3. Pocket shower
According to BuzzFeed, one of the best camping accessories is the pocket shower. This ingenious device is an easy way to feel refreshed and clean even when out in the deep woods. About the size of a small backpack, this nylon bag can be filled with water and hung from a tree. When the nozzle is turned, the force of gravity pressurizes the water and offers a quick but relaxing shower. For extended camping trips this is especially important.

4. Tarp
Like rope, bringing along tarp while camping is a wise decision. Even the best tents can suffer from leaks, and laying a tarp underneath can alleviate this problem. You can hang your tarp at your campsite to create a cool patch of shade. Otherwise, a big tarp is also useful for storing wet or dirty supplies. 

5. Multi-tool
Even for a more relaxing camping trip, a multi-tool is an important thing to pack. This can be used for leisure activities such as opening a bottle of wine or cutting a fishing line, as well as in emergency situations. The scissors may be useful for cutting bandages, for example, while the pocket saw may become a critical tool if you become lost or separated from the group. Multi-tools slip easily into a backpack pocket but can be helpful in so many ways.

6. Pro Trek PRG270B-3 watch Triple sensor technology
When hiking or camping, having access to a compass or barometer is incredibly useful for staying on the trail and staying ahead of any dangerous weather. With your Pro Trek Triple Sensor Watch, you will have access to all of these tools without paying for expensive or cumbersome equipment.

7. Extra socks
The right clothes can make all the difference when camping, but it can be hard to account for little mistakes or mishaps. Getting your feet a little wet when out in the woods is bound to happen every so often, and being without a clean, warm pair of socks can be very irritating. Having cold feet can also bring about hypothermia or other health hazards. Even if you don't end up using them, having a few extra pairs of socks couldn't hurt while camping.

8. Cash
Heading to the general store or campsite headquarters is great for picking up odds and ends, but often these places are cash only. This is especially important to consider because some state or national parks do not let you bring in firewood from outside due to the risk of invasive insects. For that reason, you may find yourself purchasing firewood at a cash only stand inside of the park.