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Great accessories for making your hiking trip successful

  • May 10, 2016

A long hiking trip can be greatly improved by packing the right materials. Even if you're only planning to spend a few hours out on the trail, taking the right protective gear is important for staying safe. Other accessories may enhance your trip even further.

The ProTrek PRW3500Y-4 watch with Triple Sensor technology and compass is a great tool for avoiding getting lost during a hiking trip, but check out these other items you may want to bring with you before your next trek outdoors.

A good hat
Sun safety is critical, even when hiking beneath a shaded forest canopy. The harmful rays of the sun can leave your sensitive face burnt, and prolonged exposure can lead to skin conditions and other dangerous ailments. Beyond that, a good hat will keep your body cool and minimize the risk of dehydration. If rain or other inclement weather comes through, your hat may serve the opposite purpose and protect you from the cold.

The right backpack
Outdoor Gear Lab stated that a good backpack is critical for maximizing your hike. This way you can easily bring along food and water, as well as a first aid kit or emergency blanket. This can be essential during a survival situation, but is also useful during a Saturday afternoon adventure.

An Instant start grill
For a longer trip, National Geographic recommended that you bring along a portable grill for your next hike. Even if you will not be spending the night and camping in the great outdoors, these light-weight devices can make it easy to have the perfect picnic while out on the trail. Unlike older versions, today's models do not require a cast iron skillet or cumbersome gas tank. Instead, everything is included in one easy to use device. Instead of worrying about getting a fire started or carrying heavy equipment, you can focus on cooking up your favorite barbeque food.

Bear spray
If you are bringing fresh meat out into the bush, making sure you are prepared for potentially dangerous wild animals is very important. When traveling in bear country, be sure to make plenty of noise as to not startle any beasts, and stay vigilant while out in the woods.

It may be worth investing in a bear repellent. Like pepper spray, these little containers are small and easy to carry, but will emit an imposing cloud of peppery aerosol, which can be used against any predators that come too close.