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Navigation in the night

  • Jun 27, 2014

Everybody enjoys a calm, pleasant day trip to take in scenery and snap photos with friends, but some veteran adventurers prefer to push the limits and take to the darkness as their way of having a good time in the great outdoors. The thrill of a nighttime journey is undeniable, especially when camping out. If you are one of those brave souls who loves to take long, grueling trips that last for days on end, you need to be prepared to face the night and find your way without the guidance of the sun.

Of course, there are some quick fixes you can deploy to make nighttime navigation a bit easier on you and your fellow travelers. Powerful LED lanterns are available on today's market, featuring enough light output to illuminate an area several meters in diameter. These can be heavy, however, and don't last long unless you carry many spare batteries. Some hikers like to use headlamps, although they may not deliver enough light to be effective. There is also the classic method of lighting a fire to brighten up camp, but this doesn't help you if you're trying to find your way far from headquarters.

You need tools that you can rely on when you're out in the open with no visual indication of your exact location. Check out a feature-rich sport watch that offers a variety of helpful tools to get you out of a jam should you find yourself in need. A compass and locator mechanism could be exactly what you require when your surroundings are pitch black. The PRW5050BN-5 has Auto light with Neo-brite Luminious hands and markers so no matter how dark it is outside you can use all of your tools and features. Look for a watch that has these components and more - you never know when you might have to track your position and reroute to make your way back home.