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Stay nourished and hydrated on the trail

  • Jun 27, 2014

Whether you're enjoying a mellow day trip to a local nature reserve or are up in the mountains hiking for days at a time, you know how important it is to keep your body operating at peak performance. While you may feel like proper nutrition and hydration are afterthoughts in the broader scheme of your outdoor endeavors, making sure you are well-nourished at all times is crucial to any adventure, large or small. So, the next time you pack your overnight bag and head out on the trail, put your health first and prioritize your food and water rations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Although it may seem obvious to some, picking nutrient-rich foods is an essential component to any successful trip. Stopping at a gas station or convenience store might be acceptable if you're in a jam, but you'll generally want to stick with higher-quality fare to give your body the fuel it needs to power through those tough stretches on the trail. Start your day with a protein- and carb-heavy breakfast such as eggs and whole wheat cereal or toast to give you sustained energy for the day. For a quick burst along the way, choose fresh fruits or nuts and snacks as you go. Once you get to the campground, don't hold back on dinner - you'll need plenty of pasta, meat and vegetables to replenish for another big push tomorrow.

Hydration is also a critical part of any complete hiking gear arsenal. Water keeps the body energized and the mind alert. Bring several sturdy water bottles wherever you go and be sure to refill whenever you get the chance. Your solar powered watch won't be the only thing heating up as the weather changes this spring - avoid dehydration and plan ahead.

If you have gone on trails before you know that shoes, socks, sleeping bag and flashlights are important but sometimes you forget the simple things like healthy food and plenty of water. When packing don't forget your healthy snacks and your solar powered PRG270D-7. This way you don't have to worry about batteries and you can be alerted if there is any sudden change in the weather.

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