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The best holiday gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

  • Dec 6, 2016

With the holidays approaching, it can be hard to find something for the outdoor enthusiasts on your list. People who spend a lot of time hiking or camping often hold on to equipment their entire lives, and wouldn't want you to buy them a new lucky backpack or multi-tool.

Happily, there are a number of items that make perfect gifts for any outdoor enthusiast regardless of experience level or any ties to old gear. Check out these items to consider for the holidays:

All natural equipment
Sometimes sun screen, bug spray and other things can be loaded with chemicals that are bad for the skin and the environment. Yet going out in the woods without them can be a big mistake. Try looking for items that use natural ingredients to protect from insects and sun exposure.

Juniper-based bug repellents, for example, work well in any location, and Mashable reported these sorts of items can be found easily online.  Natural soap, sun screen and fire starters can make perfect gifts as well.

A set of binoculars
Binoculars make for a great present for outdoor enthusiasts. Adults may have an older pair that is collecting dust or is too fragile to bring out on a trek, while younger people may have never had their own. Look for the right binoculars online that are rugged and light but still powerful. When hiking or camping, this makes it possible to see more wildlife, take in impressive views and feel a bit like an explorer, too.

New hiking shoes
What you wear on your feet can make a big difference during a hiking trip, yet some people can overlook just how important it is to bring the right pair of shoes. The outdoor enthusiasts on your list might greatly benefit from new hiking boots. The latest styles are water resistant and incredibly light.

Some sneakers, meanwhile, offer a bit more flexibility and can be better suited to some outdoor adventures. These too make for an excellent gift during the holidays. 

A Pro TrekPRG300-8 triple sensor watch
Smartphones offer all sorts of unbelievable capabilities, but without cell service or a charger, they can be minimally helpful out in the bush. The triple sensor Pro Trek watch, however, gives you everything you need when exploring the great outdoors.

The watch monitors temperature as well as pressure, making it easy to keep an eye out for inclement weather. Likewise, a compass and altimeter give you the tools you need to avoid getting lost during a hike. And because the entire thing runs on solar power, it can be used indefinitely. The outdoor enthusiast on your list will really enjoy such a useful present.

The right rain jacket
The Washington Trails Association Reported that layers and the right protective clothing are essential for avoiding hypothermia when out on the trail. Usually people think this can only happen high up in the mountains or during a blizzard, but in reality it is a much more common concern.

A rain jacket is key for minimizing the risk of hypothermia because it keeps you dry. Flannel, wool, denim and other common materials absorb water and can stay wet for hours. When the sun goes down, this can chill you to the bone. A rain jacket protects your inner layers from moisture and keeps you safe. Likewise, rain jackets are usually light and easy to remove. This is important because like getting caught in a rain storm, getting too sweaty can also increase your risk of hypothermia. Look for a jacket that is thin and easily fits over a fleece or sweatshirt but is also well-suited for wet conditions.