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Tips for gear maintenance

  • Apr 22, 2014

Gear is expensive, and it always seems to have degraded just in time for your weekend of wilderness exploration. The act of hiking can wear down your equipment, making routine maintenance an important aspect of ownership. According to BackPacker, there are several things that you could be doing to prevent the basic breakdown of gear that would typically have a long expiration date. 

In case of mold 
When you're done with a weekend of camping, airing out your tent might not seem like a top priority. However, the truth of the matter is that mold can grow with just a drop of lingering water, and unless you're taking precautionary steps to avoid it, you may just be creating the ideal situation for mildew. Rather than taking a risk, the source suggested tossing the canvas over a clothesline or a shower rod to dry and then storing it in a cotton pillowcase. 

If you have a loose zipper 
The things in your backpack should stay there, especially when you're in the middle of a hike. However, over time, your zipper might begin to degrade, which could cause the contents to come spilling out unexpectedly. Reaching into your pack for your watch altimeter and coming up empty would be awful, after all.

If this happens while you're in the field, your resources are likely going to be limited. Try to keep a pair of multitool pliers handy for just such occasions. BackPacker suggested that with a quick tightening of the slider, your zipper should hold you over until you can replace it after your trip.

Boots are a must
What's a hike without the right footwear? The answer is: painful. Your boots are important, and so preserving them is also a top priority. Try to keep them away from sources of heat - including campfires - to keep the material from wearing down prematurely. You should also mend them immediately when you notice a rip or a tear to prevent further damage. 

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