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Water filtering is important for safe camping

  • Jun 19, 2014

Let's suppose you've just planned a weekend of camping in a very remote, secluded location. The wide-open wilderness is your only companion, and although you might have diligently packed all the gear you'll need to make it out alive, are you prepared to survive without the necessities? All of the gadgets and gizmos in the world can't save you if you don't know how to find water to drink. Even if you manage to locate a source of hydration, such as a stream or a river, do you know how to purify it? 

Before you plan your next camping trip, make sure that you're familiar with the following skills for filtering and purifying water so that you'll have a fighting chance: 

Is that water safe to drink?
Survival Outdoor Skills reported that once you've found water, it's important to know the difference between purifying it and filtering it. When you filter water, you're removing visible contaminants, such as twigs, leaves and other impurities. The source noted that while this method of treating an outdoor water source is effective for some maladies, you shouldn't deem it drinkable quite yet. Filtering water merely makes purifying possible. 

How do you make your water source usable?
The source mentioned using gadgets, homemade or otherwise, to ensure that various microbes - the germs, bacteria and other invisible elements that could make you sick - are long dead before you take a sip. While most of these solutions involve a complex set of filters, they're easy enough to come by. Bringing a lot of extra equipment into camp can be a pain, however, and the only gadget you should have is your watch compass. Instead of dragging along filters and furnaces, try looking for easy, simple-to-do tricks that will minimize excessive equipment. They're certainly out there!

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