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What to do if you''re cornered by a crocodile

  • Jun 10, 2014

Embarking on an adventurous outdoor pursuit can be one of the most exciting things any outdoor enthusiast can do. While you can take steps to ensure your trek is as safe as possible, such as bringing along safety gear and emergency supplies, there are some hiccups that may occur during your pursuit. If you're going canoeing, kayaking or fishing in an area where crocodiles or alligators are native, it's important to prepare in case you're cornered by one of these creatures.


  • Fight with everything you've got: If a crocodile manages to get you in its grip, the most important thing you can do is resist. Poke its eyes, punch its nose, make as much noise as possible - these animals prefer easy prey, so be sure to show it you're not willing to go down without a fight.
  • Run in a straight line: When you're on land and you see a crocodile charging, run full speed ahead. On land, they can only run short distances without having to stop and take a break, unlike the water, where they can easily outswim most other creatures. Put those legs to work and hoof it as fast as you can if you've been spotted on land.


  • Tempt the beast: Don't dangle your legs, arms or food from the side of your boat when you're in waters that are frequented by gators or crocs. They have a strong sense of smell and will be able to sense you from meters away.
  • Use a firearm: Crocodiles and alligators are incredibly fast, especially in water. Firearms are unreliable, and while you find, load and prepare your weapon, you may already be in its grasp. Avoiding confrontation is key with these creatures, as provoking an attack can not only leave you with life-threatening injuries, but it may also attract the attention of other animals in the area.

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