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Moab, Utah

Known for its fiery red rocks, deep canyons, mountain biking trails and desert landscape, Moab is an outdoor enthusiasts dream come true. Located near Canyonlands and Arches National Parks and the La Sal Mountains in Utah, Moab attracts climbers, hikers and paddlers from around the world who come to conquer this imposing and inspiring landscape.

No place better defines mountain biking than the Slickrock Bike Trail, which for some is the epicenter of the sport. One hundred thousand people ride this 12-mile loop each year. It takes approximately four hours to complete. The sandstone, which may have been slick for horses, works like a magnet on rubber. Riders find death-defying drops, steep banks and lots of twists, and very few places to coast. Bring your buddies and see who can master this epic and exhilarating trail.

Moab’s central location makes it an ideal basecamp for visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Located minutes away, both parks boast superlative hiking and biking trails. Canyonlands, aptly named for its array of canyons, is also known for its buttes and its unique desert environment, which is bisected by the Colorado River. The 8-mile Syncline Loop Trail descends into Upheaval Dome before reaching back up to the mesa. Several spur trails cutting through the Syncline Valley lead down to the scenic Green River. Although the hike is moderate, it can seem strenuous if the temperatures are warm. Bring along extra water and always be prepared for change in weather.

If you are want to escape the heat, get wet and wild on the mighty 1,450-mile long Colorado River. The Colorado has carved out stunning canyons from here through the Grand Canyon and a descent, even if it’s only a portion, should be on your bucket list. Ride the Class IV rapids on the Westwater Canyon run, and check out the scenic black rock cliffs, sandstone walls and jaw dropping scenery. The Skull and Sock-it-to-me segments will test your mettle and get you drenched. Take a few days for the trip in order to get the full experience and an opportunity get in some hikes deep in the backcountry, and to check out some off-the-map caves.

If you are looking to try something new, call the guys at the Moab Adventure Center, who will get you up on a stand-up paddleboard. If you are seeking more of a rush, they have a great high ropes course and some awesome mountain biking options. The local expert center also offers climbing and canyoneering tours.

Stay in a cabin or pitch a tent at Archview Resort. With 35 acres and amazing views, it’s the perfect place to check out the night sky. Located minutes from the parks, you’ll feel like you’re already there.

Relax after a long day of hiking and biking on the wrap-around porch at the Red Cliffs Lodge. Literally surrounded by 2,000-foot red cliffs, it’s a great place to recharge your batteries for another day of fun. With its own winery and a museum on Western films, this lodge is truly unique.

Use the PAG240T-7 to make your Moab experiences even richer. The high-desert sun charges its batteries (which never need replacing) and the thermometer will let you know when it’s time to seek shelter. The compass will help you navigate the often confusing trails through Canyonlands. And of course, the stopwatch will be invaluable to time your mountain bike routes and calculate how much quicker you are than your buddies.

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